The Bang&Clean® system was developed and patented back in 2000 and has been commercially used since 2001. We have continually evolved and improved it to provide flexible and safe pressure wave cleaning technology at the highest level. The Bang&Clean® system is very efficient and we ensure safety for both plant and people.
A water-cooled lance with a special bag is introduced through doors or portholes into the boiler near the heating surface to be cleaned. The bag is inflated and the combustible mixture ignited. The resulting shock waves or vibrations of the tubes and walls dislodge deposits of ash and silt.

The quantity and dosage of each gas mixture explosion is dependent on the plant’s general condition and degree of contamination.
  • Our cleaning equipment is CE-conform and BAM-examined.
  • Bang&Clean® poses no danger to your boiler tubes (not even if the special bag is in the proximity of a tube). We don’t use, transport or store explosives. Each combustible gas mixture is prepared only moments before detonation. Following those regulations our first priority is always health and safety for man and machine.
  • Our technical equipment is proven and a 100% reliable due to the highest safety precautions.
  • Our certified engineers are well protected by work adapted safety equipment: a helmet, protective goggles, dust masks, safety boots, a visor and fire-proof overalls.
  • All our staff is SCC-Work Safety certified.

Before cleaning

and thereafter