Coal-fired power plant


In conventional coal-fired power plants, coal is used as an energy source to produce electricity and heat. In many countries, coal-fired power still plays a central role in ensuring a reliable supply of electricity. Due to often varying fuel quality, the following fouling occurs, which can be solved by using PressureWave.

  • Build-up of ash on the tube walls of the furnace
  • Caking on the superheater
  • Brows on the burners
  • Accumulation of ash on the electrostatic precipitator 

Our experience allows us to offer you the best solution for your plant. This goes from pressure wave cleaning to monitoring your data to optimize the efficiency of your plant. We clean the following components during operation of the plant:


In addition to the cleaning process, we can support you with our high-temperature camera for inspections of all boiler parts. Whether in darkness or temperatures up to 1200 °C, we provide you with a clear view. 

We are also happy to help with problems with the plant. 20 years of experience coupled with modern software allow us to optimize your plant. Increase of heat transfer, reduction of pressure loss and also increase of waste throughput can be achieved by optimized settings and cleaning.

We are happy to answer any question you may have.
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Industriewerke Basel

Hannes Allesch:

«With Bang&Clean, we can always run a clean boiler and thus keep our energy efficiency constantly high.".»


Energie Wasser Bern

Peter Siggenthaler:

«Bang&Clean always helps us quickly and efficiently with problem solving»



Kurt Weber, Head maintenance

«We maintain a long-standing and constructive cooperation with BANG&CLEAN Technologies AG, always with the focus on high plant availability. »



Markus Benz, head of mechanical maintenance

«Fast, efficient, uncomplicated

Problems always show up at relatively short notice and need to be fixed / approached immediately to avoid consequential damage. The BANG&CLEAN Technologies AG is available at short notice, has an enormous cleaning performance and is very efficient. »