boiler cleaning using pressure waves


Bang&Clean offers an effective solution for boiler cleaning using pressure waves. By controlled gas explosions, specified pressure waves can be generated during operation of the boiler, which excellently remove fouling from the heat exchanger surfaces. This certified system is called PressureWave, is efficient and safe for people and equipment.
PressureWave is a mobile system that can be used to clean all types of boilers on-load. By this controlled gas explosions, a pressure wave is generated which can clean any caking in boilers, silos, hoppers, etc. The system can be used in temperature ranges of up to 1200°C.



A cooled lance with a pre-assembled special sleeve is placed through a boiler door or a viewing opening in the area of the surface to be cleaned. There, the sleeve is inflated with an ignitable gas mixture and brought to explosion. Ash and fouling are removed by the generated pressure wave itself or by the subsequent oscillation of the pipes and walls. The number and dosage of gas detonations are adapted to the plant and the contamination situation. 


  • Reduction of downtime, due to on-load application 
  • Higher availability of the plant 
  • Increase in efficiency due to better heat transfer 
  • Increase in efficiency through reduction of pressure loss 
  • Reduced emissions due to better combustion 
  • Maximum safety for plant and people 
  • No damage to the plant 

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